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Lyrics Pesos – Future

Yeah, title, title, title, ha-ha-ha
Her lil’ sister sent me the pic
Said, Future you’re the s**t
Said, Future you’re the s**t
Said, Future you’re the s**t

Fell in love with the AK
Now a n**ga gettin’ payday
Cookin’ up good yay-yay
Shoutout lil’ Tay-Tay
Doin’ whatever say-say
You gotta do whatever I say-say


Put me on that waitin’ list
Foreign coupes, I pop that
Young GOAT got right now
They pullin’ off in the Hellcat

Promethazine that’s every day
Codeine that’s every day
Drift over like way-way
Had the young n**ga doin’ the Nae Nae
Big scraps on payday
Servin’ on the lil AJ, on Friday gettin’ payday
Shoutout young Dae Dae
This ain’t my main line, you callin’ on my thotline
Hasta luego, I pulled up it’s game time

I got the pesos
The pesos, the pesos
I got the pesos
The pesos, dinero

Squeeze trigger happy ass
N**gas, squeeze-squeeze
Tryna keep it cool, lowkey, n**ga freeze
Jack boys from around here
Got crack boys around here
Ayy, squad lit
Ayy, squad lit


I told you came through in the clutch
She had her Hermès it was clutch
We pullin’ after two by the bus
I bussed that b**ch down like a Dutch
Teflon, can’t be touched
Get that money like I’m in a rush, uh

Told you I was tired of bandgang in the first place
ATL, yeah ATL, yeah that’s my birthplace
Dollar sign, yeah, that’s my earth day
If you ain’t shinin’ then there no one to blame
I drop heat, and they know when I came
I ain’t tryna be defeated, I just wanna be greeted
Smashin’ on the seat, yeah she bougie and she greedy
Fashion is a regimen, you wanna pledge allegiance

Taliban Gang have you bobbin’ and you weavin’
We don’t wanna keep it, we ain’t nothin’ but we even
Talking ’bout you leavin’ b**ch, you went and bought a heathen
Met up in a hotel with some Puerto Rican
And you know she freaky, yeah, yeah, a b**ch geekin’
Peakin’ out the window ’cause you know a n**ga tweakin’
It ain’t no pretendo ’cause you know I’m seein’ demons

I got the pesos
The pesos, the pesos
I got the pesos
The pesos, dinero

You wanna know some’ ’bout that 911 Turbo, skrr
Ayy, Pyrex in that oven, you hit that dope until it skrr
Cruisin’ over town, nine to fiνe with that work
Puttin’ overtime on the grind go berserk
F**k her all the time tryna make that p**sy squirt
Talkin’ down on a n**ga, put you in the dirt
Goin’ on the pound and I’m trippin’ off syrup, ayy

You see the way they duplicated
You see the way they try to play me
I had a plan and I waited y’all
On my way a new millennial
Got another Xan, it can’t calm me down
Runnin’ up them bands, new millennial
Spend it in a day, I gotta hit reup
Twenty bands a day, they gotta hear me out
Yeah, ooh, gotta hear me out

I got the pesos
The pesos, the pesos
I got the pesos
The pesos, dinero…

➤ Written by Future (Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn)
Future | 2020

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