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Lyrics Re-Route – Funk Flex & Rowdy Rebel

Ain’t with the funny s**t, load up a hundred clip
You already know who I’m comin’ with
If it’s lit, then it’s lit, y’all know how we get
We drop s**t for the f**k of it
If he make a mistake and move wrong
With no hesitation, Monte uppin’ it
If it’s 10K on this n**ga’s head
F**k that, we gon’ double it

I went the wrong way, I had to reroute
These is bloody sh*es, I’m gonna bleed out
If she can’t get away from her n**ga
I tell her, Sneak out
Then I put ’em on molly and Xans, I gotta geek now


Middle fingers to the opps, they know how we rock
It ain’t no options, R.I.P. to Pop Smoke
If we find out who did it, y’all know we gon’ pop them
Red beam, .30, shot ’em, drop ’em, I’m just bein’ honest
Ayy, yo, DWade, you got ’em
Well, mission accomplished

Back to this rap s**t, back to the topic
Count up the profit
I pull up with a bad b**ch
By the end of the night, we gettin’ it poppin’
Speak about rap s**t
I hear all the hate, I hear all the gossip
But I promised Boobie I’ma chill, for real
So don’t let me break that promise

Everything litty, everything digital
Put that on God
When I’m back in the city
I’m mixing Givenchy with Christian Dior
And these h*es tryna get me
They lookin’ for comments like Lira Galore
I’m back in my city
I hopped out of prison and jumped on the Forbes

Bust down what, bust down this
Big drip what, big drip this
15K for my muhf**kin’ fit
Keep twenty-two shots in my muhf**kin’ stick


I’m back in my bag, sachet
Don’t get me mad, fache
B**ch, I’m a Suvi, I make a movie
Right in front your Barclay
Don’t let me up it and leave it stuck
Don’t let me up it and leave it stuck

➤ Written by Funk Flex & Rowdy Rebel
Produced by Non Native & Bordeaux
Funk Flex | Rowdy Rebel | 2021

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