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Lyrics Dave Flow – Fredo

Only the Lord knows all my reasons why them n**gas need to die
Tears need to leave my eyes, still, I can’t seem to cry
Still chasin’ money, yeah, I guarantee it
Went from sofa surfin’ to surfin’ yachts in the Caribbean
Got millions chillin’ in the bank while I’m still chillin’ with the gang
Gamblin’ all night, smokin’, eatin’ chicken with my hands
My youngens sellin’ chickens, still livin’ with his Gran’
Free my n**gas in the can, swear, it’ll be different when you land

I got that Lizzy, if you need some, run it up off a clean run
Got hand tings and machine guns, my press machine seen tons
So much dirt on my hands
No matter how much soap I use, that still wouldn’t clean some
Probably wouldn’t clean none

Girls and labels think I care now, they callin’ the same phone
Now I can make a call, get you corned on the main road
I call this my Dave flow, it’s elegant
Got a brown girl with bread, I call her my DeJ Loaf, she’s intelligent
A hundred thousand was a dream, now we callin’ that a stage show, I’m a veteran
Name a n**ga livin’ how I’m livin’ that I ain’t better than
Had to take a break, now I got new stories, I’m tellin’ ’em

Like how Dave lost sixty-three thousand on a bet with me
Now I bet he you that he won’t never bet with Fred again
Pretty girl with me, she looks heaven sent
But after all the stuff done, I’m tryna see if I can get in Heaven as a plus one
‘Cause Lord knows on earth, all my feelings and my love’s done
It’s like I only love Mum, my little princess, and I love guns
I love my n**gas too, but I don’t trust none
The same goes for h*es, so it’s just fun
Countin’ up a hundred cash like look at what this stuff’s done

Yeah, that tour life’s risky, it ain’t just fun, the second that the bus come
F**k a PlayStation, I’m tryna see where we can stuff guns
All I wanted to make was a hundred K just once
Now I got that money in just Dunks
And that’s word to Kick Game, now I’m workin’ on the whip game
Was pullin’ up and beatin’ whips ’til whip came
Now the way the Lambo pulls off and whips could really make a chick claim
Neck pains and back pains
I got them same pains from all these mad chains

They say the sun don’t feel so good if you ain’t had rain
And they say the fun don’t feel so good if you ain’t had pain
Damn, I’m livin’ in a game where they’ll do anything to have fame
If you ask me, it’s a damn shame, but you’re part of my campaign
And ask for any favour, every answer’s been the damn same
They ask how I made it here, the answer is I had brain
Now it’s first-class flights
And they ask if you want champagne before they ask a man’s name
Gotten used to this life and gotten used to useless yutes
Givin’ me useless advice on what to do with my life
I’m in this foreign car, used to just be trains in Serco
The G Wagon cost me one-fifty, I named it Herbo

Off the lot, I’m white, it weren’t the same as Virgil
More like the same as Persil
Yo, it’s funny how it’s never the truth
They hit the booth and go and change the version
Like how them girls look good on the ‘Gram
But not the same in person
But I’m rich on the ‘Gram and the same in person
Got curvy models down in Spain and the same in German
Told her, I can’t spend the night, I gotta stay determined
But I love to spend money, that’s my bae for certain

Yeah, I still remember every night and day of workin’
Probably why I ain’t got my bae a Birkin
Yeah, they judge me off my videos
But don’t know me, so let’s make it certain
You can’t be my bae if you’ve even done a day of twerkin’
N**gas broke but chasin’ h*es, that s**t makes me nervous
If I never made no P’s, I would’ve stayed a virgin
Pu**ies keep goin’ back, yeah, they stay reversin’
I levelled up about six times, this my favourite version
Favorite version, my favourite person…

➤ Written by Fredo
Produced by Mason X Beats
Fredo | 2023

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