FlyingKitty – B*tch Lasagna 2 (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics “B*tch Lasagna 2” by FlyingKitty

I like kids, just nine year olds
But I must go to war with some kids
Justice will be served

Bombs on lasagna
We serve it with cheese
Shut the f**k up, E-Series
I’m here to sit back down
You wanna f**k with me
But have you seen my guns
When I’m in the gym, man
I’m completely frickin’ jacked

We have just begun, I will slap you
Just to slap you, frickin’ end you
So come on, B-Series
Delete your channel please
Let me serve you bobs with cheese

I’m from China, b**ch, China
T-Serieees they must have a vag!na
This is China, I’m just crying
Look at T-Series, I’m beating them with China
Wahaha hahahahaha..

So who the hell’s vegana
And why you tryna f**k them
I got pinkeye but you’re a f**king turd
You got a big channel but multiply by zero
I got news, poppy harlow Roblox
Download all the memes
And let’s add even some p**sy memes
No papa, no papa, no papa, now do it
Omae wa mo shindeiru, NANI

Nicotine series, I’ma try some lasagna
Lasagna that’s Kanye
Look at T-Series, they’re getting beat by China
I’m from China, b**ch, China
I ain’t nothing but a Swede from China

They gotta pop pop pop pop
Pop pop that is six balloons
But most of my videos
Are just me looking at memes

➤ Written and Produced by FlyingKitty
FlyingKitty 2018

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