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Lyrics Ready to Run – First Aid Kit

Oh we are sensitive people
Afraid to say the wrong thing
So I walk home alone
Recalling everything
Whole conversations
Play by play
I thought by this age
I’d always know what to say

But I’ve stopped making those conclusions
For all the nights that I’ve enjoyed
There’s been a couple more that I’ve spent
Simply humbled by the void

And who did you think I was
When you first met me moons ago
When I wanted to kiss you forever
And babe you wanted to take it slow
Take it slow

Did I disappoint you
I’m pretty sure I did
You thought I was some kind of rockstar
I was a nervous little kid

And I assumed you were someone
I could lean myself upon
But with the blink of an eye
You were out the door gone

So I’ve stopped making those conclusions
Thinking you could truly know someone
You peel a layer, find another
No you’re never really done

And who did I think you were
When we danced in the setting sun
When you said that you’d love me forever
And I was getting ready to run
Ready to run

Who did I think I was
As I narrowed in closer to the sun
And perhaps I’ll feel like this forever
I’m always ready to run

Ready to run

Oh it’s already begun
I’m getting ready
Ready to run…

First Aid Kit | 2022

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