Faydee, TM Bax & Pav Dharia – YeYe Lyrics | Official Video

Lyrics YeYe – Faydee, TM Bax & Pav Dharia

I’m gettin’ so high like a skylight
You could be my biggest highlight
I’m telling you now, this is my time
To tell the whole world you’re all mine

You got me out of my mind, yeah, yeah
The truth is your hips, they don’t lie, Shakira
I’m crushing on you all the time, yeah
I’ll be your lover tonight


I really hope you don’t mind, ayy
I’m staring at you all the time
This chemistry‘s so hard to find
It feels like you already mine


Uh, I’m ’bout to go loco, yeah, ayy
You try to look so cold, you look
I’d haνe to say you know though, hey
The way you move, you so pro, got it…

➤ Lyrics: TM Bax, Faydee, Pav Dharia
Mix & Master: Nabilety
Produced by Alibi Rafeon
Faydee | TM Bax | Pav Dharia | 2020

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