Famous Dex – Dan The Man (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics “Dan The Man” by Famous Dex

DJ what
Dexter ouu, f*ck your hah
Diamonds dancing like club tho
Huh f*cking bi*ches, know what I’m saying
Dexter ou what yeah ah what

AP diamonds dancing all up on my wrist
Blew your bi*ch a kiss thats your bi*ch she on my dick

Got my stick huh yeah I got my stick huh
Forty with the klick got the beam on that bi*ch

Diamonds dancing it my sing to your bi*ch ou
Doing coke she might fein on my dick

What yeah baby you a slut huh let me bust a nut huh
Feel all on her butt ou wait

Bentley truck yeah you got a jeep
Thats Chanel double pp all up on my feet

Diamonds on my teeth huh lil bro on the beat
Wanna be like me huh you can’t be like me

Wait huh two two three yeah that bi*ch on green
This bi*ch wanna ring she can’t get a thing

I might pop a beam she might pop a beam
Now we seeing things huh all in magazines

What, test me run up on em’ test me
Thirty on me who gon’ test me forty on me who gon’ test me what

Sex me I now this bi*ch wanna neck me neck me neck me
I know this bi*ch wanna neck me huh wait huh

I just bought a fifty it’s so pretty
Gold chain riding round the city feeling like Diddy

They like no he didn’t they like no he didn’t dexter ou what
They like no he didn’t they like no he didn’t
They like no he didn’t they like no he didn’t
Gold chain think I’m Diddy…

➤ Produced by Pik6sso & Pikasso
Video Directed by LewisYouNasty of Ronnie Lewis Productions
WorldstarHipHop 2017

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