Everything But The Girl – Run A Red Light Lyrics

Lyrics Run A Red Light – Everything But The Girl

Cashed up and all set
It’s a lock-in here until he says so
A little bump from a car key
Sit back darling, it’s all about us

Forget the losers, forget the morning
Put a tune on, and put your feet up
It was my idea, I hope you know that
We’re gonna have this, I’m the one now

Run a red light
Forget the morning
This is tonight

It’s the bar take not the door split
A few weeks and I can work it
Keep it simple, keep the same crowd
We’re on the inside, I’m the one now
Yeah I’m the one now

It’s 2AM, we’re leaving loudly
Wake the neighbours, we won’t come quietly
They’ll all know my name soon
Anyway, anyway, anyway, anyway

Run a red light
Forget the morning
This is tonight…

➤ Album: Fuse
Everything But The Girl | 2023

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