Emmah Toris – We’re happening (House Remix) lyrics

Emmah TorisWe’re happening (House Remix)

Versuri (lyrics):

I was waiting, in tune, to reunite
So consumed by all words and the ride
Did not know how it turned out to be
That in years, I’d put summer aside.

We’re happening, we’re happening with caution
And once you asked of me to bring the sun rays
And I have given you the sea and sand
But then, I just forgot myself, far, in a boats’ maze

I was waiting for those ways to return
In a dance without steps, without faces
I don’t laugh, I don’t cry, I’m not guilty
When you awe and you call for embraces.

I forgot, you forgave, but today
No mistakes, not to cry anymore
Hours passed and this seizure will bring
Side by side, two of us, as before.


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