El Michels Affair, Black Thought – I’m Still Somehow

Lyrics I’m Still Somehow – El Michels Affair & Black Thought

Push come to shove once and for all
Moments of pause, answer the call
If it’s the last dance, but that’s it
It’s the last chance to evolve
Bein’ a black man has been a job
Look at the loved ones I have lost
Give me a cask, and
I can’t stand when the drug starts wearin’ off

What they would call goin’ through a draw
Nothin’ to fear, but fear is all
Nothin’ abort these spirits off
Better prepare for a tear to fall
I say a prayer for a miracle
Pinnin’ a parable to share with y’all
It’s about one crown, who was run down
Somehow I’m still standin’ tall

Look, I received heat from a friend
We will get knee deep, get it in
I will be three sheets ’til the win
Then I repeat dumb s**t again
Yo, they was vibin’ on psycolybin
Phil Collins or Phyllis Hyman
Criticized, but it’s still a problem
To get a rise from a threat of violence

That’s a gateway like Ellis Island
We should take time, smell the flowers
At the bassline for the powers, that be
I wonder what the hell is ours
May as well keep livin’ lawless
If I face charges regardless
I’m a race now from the margin
But somehow I’m still a livin’ target

Out of socket, out of darkness
Out of pocket, out of office
Whoever thought you collect a orphan
Did never say s**t about a coffin
All the tools that we had was hammers
That’s exactly what we would brandish
Whole high waitin’ for the time
We get a placebo instead of answers, I mean

Yeah, I mean
Let’s talk about
I mean
Let’s talk about
I mean

They say black joy is rebellion
A happy black boy’s like a alien
I see what ain’t fail yet is failin’
So we adapt, that of a chameleon
True advancement
Who the champion
That somehow smiles for the canvas
With the strength found through the anthem
And somehow beautifully handsome

We too powerful for you to cancel
This is not a groove you could dance too
This nasty…

➤ Written by Black Thought & El Michels Affair
Album: Glorious Game
Produced by El Michels Affair
El Michels Affair | Black Thought | 2023

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