EDEN – Purchase Merchandise [The Rot 2.64] Lyrics

Lyrics Purchase Merchandise [The Rot 2.64] – EDEN

I told her relax
You might as well relax
‘Cause the fear is going down, down, down
I told you to leave
But you never do it
So the fear is going on, on, on
See it coming down, down, down

And I guess it’ll rot away
And I found you here on another day
You were waiting for an old dream
Found you on another day

All is spoken, after that
There’s a desert left behind
You’re a stranger in a dark room
Holding on to someone new
I am waiting on an old dream
Holding on to someone new, ooh
For a moment, I’ve been waiting
Stranger in a dark room

See it going down, down, down
Said it’s going down, down, down…

➤ Produced by EDEN
EDEN | 2022

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