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Lyrics I Witness – DUST BOLT

Drop it..
Can you see things slip away
White men give us what they wanna give
Well, I can not relate with
Old men saying what is meant to be

I don’t wanna, no I’m not gonna
Watch ’em jerk off on their privileged agenda
But way down deep they know they’ll never be true
Or making anything good for you

But I still fight
White men

The world is a mess
Ran by the heartless
Burns in my chest
When I witness
Hands behind my back
Same old sickness
I see them out there
I witness

Who ever said what a man must do
Who ever said a woman’s dream can’t come true
Who ever said any love ain’t true
The same f**k ups who’d kill you, too

I don’t wanna
No, I don’t wanna
Live in fear and be another one in coma
So listen closely cause it’s safe to say
We are here to make a better way

I keep fighting
F**k old white men

March of the sickness
Feeling defenseless
I can’t bear it
I witness
Hands behind my back
Shame, old sickness
I see them out there
I witness

I witness
I witness
I witness…

➤ Written by Lenny Breuss
Album: Sound & Fury
Produced by Lenny Breuss & Ferdinand Dankesreiter
DUST BOLT | 2023

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