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Lyrics Slime You Out – Drake feat. SZA

I don’t know
I don’t know what’s wrong with you girls
I feel like y’all don’t need love
You need somebody who could
Micromanage you, you know what I’m saying
Tell you right from wrong
Who’s smart from who’s the fool
Which utensil to use for which food, like
I got a schedule to attend to, though
I can’t relate

You b!tches really get carried away
Making mistakes, then you beg me to stay
Got me wigging on you like I’m Arrogant Tae
You got my mind in a terrible place

Whipped and chained you like American slaves
Act like you not used to Sheraton stays
I met the n**ga you thought could replace
How were there even comparisons made
B!tch, next time, I swear on my grandmother grave
I’m sliming you for them kid choices you made

Sliming you out
Sliming you out
Sliming you out

Ayy, this ain’t the littest I could get on you b!tches
Send wires on wires on wires like Idris
You lucky that I don’t take back what was given
I could have you on payment plan ’til you’re hundred and fifty
And my slime right here, she got some bars for y’all n**gas
So I’ma fall back and let SZA talk her sh!t for a minute

Sliming you out
Sliming you out, slime

Damn, these n**gas got me so twisted
How the f**k you so real, but play b!tch on my line
I can feel what you’re spinning
Got too much pride to let no burnt n**ga slime me out
Pull up, go write about
My night, got time, let’s discuss all those lies about
Fronting out here like you digging me out
And I ain’t even cvmming, I’m in and out
And you ain’t ’bout the sh!t you rappin’ about
And I can spin a ho, I’m airing it out
I’m going off like a sawed-off

You tell these h0es you ain’t cuddling
But with me, you know you doing all that sh!t
You telling these h0es you ain’t tricking off
But with me, you know I’m gon’ get it all
How you n**gas get so carried away
Tripping when that d!ck is barely third place
F**ked out of pity, it’s cute that you lame
Dip ’cause it’s mid, I can’t fake like it’s hanging

Sliming you out
I’m sliming you out
I’m sliming you out
Oh woaahhh

January, you pretend to see life clearly, yearly
February is the time that you put the evil eye and the pride aside
For the fantasy of getting married, very scary
March got you already second guessing titles
April, spring is here and just like a spring, you start to spiral
May brings some warmer days, poolside, getting very tan
June have you moving ice cold, going back and forth with a married man
July, that’s when I found out you lied
August, it was baby this, baby that like you had your tubes tied

September, we falling off, but I’m still the man you tryna win over
October is all about me ’cause your turn should’ve been over
November got you moodboarding for next year and you’re single
December the gift-giving month and now you wanna rekindle our year

Tryna build trust, showing me your DMs, how they tryna bag you
Ironic how the news I got about you ended up being bad news
Get a n**ga hit for fifty racks, girl, the beef cost like it’s wagyu
Get a n**ga hit, I’ll make his a*s see the light like a half-moon

Shout to QC, pretty sure I made Pee M’s like it’s past noon
All I really know is W’s and M’s, life looking like a bathroom
All I really know is M bags like I drove through and ordered fast food
Sayin’ that I’m too guarded with my feelings, who the f**k even asked you
Seven bodyguards just in case somebody really wanna try and crash through
Don’t know why I listen to you when I hear you talking to me, it’s some half-truths
If I don’t pay your rent, it end up like an old hairstyle, girl, it’s past due
If I don’t..

Aahhh, that’s as far as I got…

➤ Written by Drake, SZA, BNYX®, Grant Lapointe, Noel Cadastre, 40 & C. Powell
Album: For All The Dogs
Produced by BNYX®, Grant Lapointe, Noel Cadastre, 40, Drake
Drake | SZA | 2023

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