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Lyrics On BS – Drake, 21 Savage

Yeah, woah, woah, woah..
I had to cut some n**gas off, they didn’t mean me no good
I come from the ghetto, so my trunk is in my hood
She wouldn’t wear no panties ’round me even if she could
Gave out plenty spankings ’til they got it understood
F**k the nosebleeds, baby, come sit on this wood
If you know it’s tension, don’t come ’round me like it’s good
I got street smarts and you can’t get this out no book
I can’t right my wrongs, but I can still write these hooks

Oh, time to get exposed
You ain’t been from ’round here, n**ga, come get off your show
Savage said you p**sy and he hit it on the nose
But that board is open, why you actin’ like it’s closed
I don’t know, y’all be goin’ in and out recessions
The same way that I be goin’ in and out of Texas
Or in and out my sessions, or in and out her best friends
Or in and out these courtrooms, my lawyer like, Objection

Yeah, woah, woah
All my b**ches Spanish, boricua
Water on my neck, these diamonds came with coral reefer
She from overseas, I had to buy her a new visa
Met your wife in Vegas, but I hit her in Ibiza
She a supermodel, so she only eatin’ Caesar
Used to date a rapper, but he acted like a diva
N**gas hustlin’ backwards, out here ballin’ with the reup
Popped an Adderall, I feel like I can lift a tree up
Seen too many cameras, so I never lift my ski up
I jump on your song and make you sound like you the feature
I jump on your song and make a label think they need ya
For real, yeah

On that bulls**t, okay..⑥
On that bulls**t
We on all the bulls**t, okay
On that bulls**t, okay..⑥
All the bulls**t

Damn, maybe I should do a twenty
Maybe I should break that twenty, do a ten
Maybe I should break that ten
Do a five, then if it gets live, do a five again
If he held his tongue on that live, he’d be alive again, damn
My uncle’s sister know she raised a real one, ill one
It’s been thirty minutes, I don’t feel nothin’
Oh s**t, wait a minute, think I’m startin’ to feel somethin’
Where you get this motherf**kin’ pill from

Heard they got some sanctions on my name
Heard they plottin’ on my name, heard they bankin’ on my name
I got Lita in this b**ch and he might spank it on a lane
I’m just.. what, In the cut, throwin’ Franklins on her frame
I’m a.. ayy, I’m a gentleman, I’m generous
I blow a half a million on you h*es, I’m a feminist
I never put no prices on no beef until we end this s**t
I pay a half a million for his soul, he my nemesis

On that bulls**t, okay..⑥
On that bulls**t
We on all the bulls**t, okay
On that bulls**t, okay..⑥
All the bulls**t

Nah, I’m on, it’s midnight, I don’t care
Nothing’s happening on a Wednesday, I don’t care, I’m on
I’m looking for the smoke
This guy sitting front row, man, poof, who needs that
Let me put my window down, I need fresh air
We don’t want that, we want bars
The reason why we listen to 21 and The Boy
That’s what we do in Paris, we don’t do Fashion Week
Fashion Week, it’s for the last decade, it’s not for us
It’s about the lights, the lights that we put on in the city
The lights of the Eiffel Tower

I’m in charge of it, I’m the one who’s putting it on every day
And you try to flex next, next to me on the red light with your ugly
Whatever, flexing, most expensive car, V12
I drive a four-cylinder, I come from nothing
But I’m doing something and you cannot catch my drive
As fast as you try to go, you will never catch me, man
There is only one way, and this way I’m driving, nobody can do it
I’m Birdman, that’s who I am
In Paris, brr, brrr…

➤ Written by Drake, 21 Savage, OZ, Elyas & Simon Gebrelul
Album: Her Loss
Produced by OZ & Elyas
Drake | 21 Savage | 2022

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