Doechii – America Has a Problem (Freestyle) Lyrics

Lyrics America Has a Problem (Freestyle) – Doechii

Too much, ho, don’t do too much
Pullin’ up in a Magic City in an uber
Pockets fatter than a motherf**kin’ fupa
When I enter Magic City, b!tches group up

Off White head to toe like the Ku Klan
Diamonds on dance, dance, revolution
Got a new man and I got a new Benz
This is my motherf**kin’, n**ga, what it do, dance

Rich b!tch on a rich n**ga hit list
If this b!tch gets slick, she’ll get hit
Hoes washed up, dishes
Lost and found, these h0es been missin’
D-O-E, you can not define me
Like Beyoncé, you could never find me
I’m chillin’ in The Hills with the roof off
Step in the motherf**kin’ booth and get my shoes off

Like, lets get it, check critics
Hoes pressed, less printed
Most original and most these h0es just don’t admit it
Doechii gettin’ dough and do-si-doin’ on these n**gas
Hoes drop, it’s crickets, Doe drop, sell tickets
Why you b!tches diggin’ dirt Dig up my networth
I know your b!tches neck hurt ’cause I’m pressure

How you turn a 100 fans into a 100 bands
How you turn a 100 bands into a 100 M’s
How you from the North and claimin’ you a croc b!tch
How you bitin’ on the one and only swamp b!tch

I see a lotta b!tches, I don’t see a lotta stars
I hear a lot of rappers, I don’t hear a lot of bars
I see a lot of plastic, I don’t see a lot of barbz
I see a lot of didgets, I don’t care about the charge

Ah-ah, let the beat breath
Ah-ah, let the motherf**kin’ beat breath…

➤ Written by Doechii
Remix of “America Has A Problem” by Beyoncé
Doechii | 2023

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