DJ Sava feat. Faydee – Love in Dubai (Lyrics | Video)

DJ Sava feat. Faydee cu piesa Love in Dubai (Lyrics | Video 2016)

Versuri (lyrics) Love in Dubai

Love me.. love in Dubai..

All the ways to the top
You got the perfect body
Keep it going don’t stop
I could use a ride with you

Gonna runs all right, this party
Let’s get this started
Turn it up, turn it up
‘Cause I know, you want me to

Habibi want me, want me
You don’t have to live a lie
Would you gonna love me, love me
You gonna mess with my mind
Habibi want me, want me
I can see, it’s in your eyes
Our moment that will never forget
This love in Dubai

➤ Music: Mihalache Stefan, Faydee Fatrouni, Tudor George
Lyrics: Mihalache Stefan, Mike Obinna Chigbundu
Instrumental: Florin Buzea, Sava Constantin, Alex Cotoi, Razvan Matache
Mix & Mastering : Sergiu Musteata
Executive Producer: DJ Sava
Video Production: Ador Media
Directed by Alex Ceausu
Music Video by Rappin’On Production for Cat Music
Cat Music 2016

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