DJ Quik – Black Friday (Music Audio)

DJ Quik performing Black Friday (Music Audio 2016) 

Versuri (lyrics)  Black Friday 

Now and forever.. now and forever..

I look around and the whole scene is dἰfferent
It seem like life is different
What’s wrong with us, why the police wanna kill us
Why black people emotional
Black people know it, you the same color outer space
You should not feel out of place
Curtis Mayfield said it, James Brown said it
Now stop faking pigment, and go embrace your heritage
Ain’t no good or bad hair, only fine or course hair
That is so divisive, why do my sisters care
I been on my own, 30 years strong
I was broke as a bone, nowhere to call my home
But I knew I had talent, I knew that I could do it
That thing that change your life, don’t get no [..] into it
Make you put your feet into it
Don’t let the evils distract you or make you quit
Because if it was easy he could do it
If ‘Pac was here, he’d write a song that would calm you down
And I would maybe produce it, give it that Compton sound
He only haunts me now, I see the truth and further
He knew them rap magazines would instigate his murder
I’ma tell you like that, cause’ I can tell you like that
Pour out a little liquor, ‘Pac communicates through Quiksta
Now I’m drinking [..] and apple juice
I’ve been drinking [..]’s since I was 29
I made the history books when I was 29
And now I heard every line ’cause people always lying
Now me heart is telling me that this is what you need
So before I leave I’ma give it to you , give it to you yeah
Without no pop scream there, let you know I mean it yeah

Now and forever.. now and forever..

Solitary mind, military mission
I tried to get my people’s to chill, that’s my intention
But you can’t stop the back and forth when a brother dies
And families gotta pay for funerals without a dime
Deadly force cases, brand new databases
And Trump wants to stop at Christmas, go buy him..
Don’t put your hands up, don’t ask them not to shoot
Just say you wanna live, now that’s a common truth
You can’t believe the TV, that’s only part of the scandal
There ain’t no filter on the web and that’s too much to handle
Since Adam bit the apple, we all get hit with shrapnel
Them tear gas cannons just explode and then we get trampled
Now see yourself in my voice, I say what you don’t hear
I say what they don’t print, because the truth is so feared
And that’s just so weird
They make you bury your reality with drugs and a beer
Don’t you hear me
Don’t you hear me.. (Huh)
Don’t you hear me…