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Lyrics Mr. Popular – Denzel Curry & Key Nyata

Let me introduce, Mr. Popular
Imma mix the hype, .. babe and the Nautica
She gon’ wanna suck that, uhh, she’s the Monica
And she brought the bread so I gotta call my partner up
Hit my homie Keed up, told him bring some weed with him

‘Zel just hit my line and he said he got some fees with him
I just wanna smoke some trees with him
I just wanna count my cheese with him
Get it on my own, swear to God, I do not need n**gas
Call me cosmic father, on my momma, ’cause I breed n**gas
Me and ‘Zel, we gon’ give ’em hell, make ’em bleed, n**ga
Scouter on my eyes, I be high, but I сan read n**gas

Why you actin’ slow
Guess you one of them negative speed n**gas
I be on the go, movin’ like it’s a stampede, n**ga
Box a n**ga up, call me young Adonis Creed, n**ga
Jordans on my feet, I ain’t talkin’ Michael B, n**ga

➤ Written by Denzel Curry & Key Nyata
Album: Melt My Eyes
Denzel Curry | Key Nyata | 2020

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