Deji – RAN (Lyrics | Video) Randolph Diss Track

Lyrics “RAN” by Deji (Randolph Diss Track)

Let’s start off with the obvious thing
You got less subs and you’re clearly not slim
You’re a youtube scrub, I’m a youtube king
You started a war that you’re not gonna win

So Andrew, stop it
All of this talk just stop it

When I was at my house counting up all the racks
You were at the sidemen house squating
Sidemen house got you all gassed up
You jumped a track and you wanna act tough
But if we jumped in the ring you’d get slapped up

I’mma f**k your wife like a horse
Then I go take her for a drive in a Porsche
If you saw the messages and @lettersby_laura
You’d be screaming divorce

You wanna talk about p’s
Your wedding was sh*t
And the dress looked cheap
Its about to be so peak
You f**ked up
I’m gonna go deep

Andrew Shane get sent to the gallows
Say your bars are deep
But they’re all so shallow
You went to uni for a whole 3 years
Just to be stuck in JJ’s shadow

All the years you’ve been begging
Probably changed his bedding
But one thing that you ain’t been spreading
Is that JJ paid for your wedding…

➤ Deji 2018

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