Dax – Wack Ass Rappers 2 | Freestyle | Lyrics 2019

Lyrics “Wack Ass Rappers 2” freestyle by Dax

Put a couple b**ch n**gas on now they talk back
Now they pray on my fall better fall back
Hit em whip em dismissing em all never call back
Stumble mumbling n**gas wit words wat you call rap

Man this s**t is a catastrophe
My next bars coming up are an analogy
Of savagery
The blood straight thicker than water I go drrr..
For the family, so I..
Hit em wit a semi automatic I’m running these n**gas static
They bleeding I made it g g g g graphic
I’m killing and wreaking havoc destroying every dynamic
I’m putting n**gas in plastic my reach is f**king organic
They broken I’m the mechanic
They stole it I took it back then replaced it with something magic
Completely different and classic
The size of the f**king planet gigantic
And so galactic volcanic and so sporadic

These n**gas tried to put boi Dax to sleep
I go hard 24/7 days a week
I’m strong they weak
I put you n**gas on ya feet
You can’t compete todayyy.. yea
Let em have it have it, have it
Want something you better go grab it grab it
Eint beefing with n**gas they average average
Vegetarian n**gas you cabbage cabbage
Wasn’t even a friend
They hopping Up on the trend
They tried to put me to bed no damage damage
Now I’m stacking the bands
And living life on the edge
They jealous broke and depressed
I’m Lavish lavish
Ya you n**gas can’t rap with me
You ass you cheeks
You living in a fantasy
I tried to turn you into gold like it was alchemy
You passed on me
And now you f**king after me

See I’m as good as good gets you n**gas good at best
My bests better than the best when my bests at rest
I’m like Zion when Im Rappin n**gas can’t contest
These bars dunking on yo head cuz you lack context
You the n**gas in the gym who do nothin but flex
With no weight on the bar pushing off yo chest
Then act like you stronger then that one huge n**ga in yo gym
Who can curl your whole weight for reps

You crazy lazy your hate don’t phase is pays me
10x what you make daily
What I made this year is equivalent
To what you’ll by the time your 80
F**king wit the rhythm hit em
With precision I don’t ever miss em
My bars like guns no safety, put em position
Then I let em diss em, then I had to kill em
You tried I applaud your bravery
How you try to play me like that
I got the mop so it’s impossible for me to be trash
You really thought that I would stop
I’m putting n**gas on blast unleash the beast
Kamaya hu hu on yo ass
Where you at I better see you react like Shaq
No homo I’m finna dontai nut yo ass
No slow mo I’m going so fast
F**king a bag
F**k it I’m mad
F**k it you had
I gave you a chance again

Janitor janitor janitor another reference
You stupid if you think that silly word
Cud diminish this muf**kin excellence
This effortless I shouldn’t be so generous
Switched on n**gas no Ellen degenerous
Say my name like destiny’s child
You say it only to get relevant your irrelevant
N**gas can’t grind how I grind’
shine how I shine, rhyme how I rhyme
Youtube rapper or mainstream rapper
After I drop this n**ga I’m top 5
N**gas wanna bang on my line
Like a tuxedo like we all got ties
No beef five guys try to rap on this beat
You’ll drive get stopped like A DUI

Y’all lack originality the insecurities you tried to place upon me
Are what you have in actuality
Continue the hate y’all focused on me
I’m focused on me that’s double my pay
Plus tip, I just quadrupled my rate
Then flip drop shipped in every state
Y’all hating on me I’m praying for you
And that’s the muf**kin reason you can’t be great

They crazyyy..
These wack ass rappers will not phase meeee
I am your father your my babies
They bit my style now I got rabies

Who get em moving like this
Who gets em grooving like this
N**gas be moving on my go
N**gas been lying on him
B**ches been trying to get it
Wiggity Wack and they all know
N**ga it’s plain to see
Dax n**ga I’m the one the pay to see
Finish nigfas finish n**gas like A TO Z

F**king up a bag while talk my s**t
I done made a couple million wit no radio hits
N**gas say I can’t rap then what the f**k this is
They Head bopping with a frown while they play my s**t…

Dax | 2019