Dax – My Last Words (Life Message) Video

Dax’s Life Message

My name is Dax and, um
I have a question for you
Are you living to die
Or are you dying to live

That’s the question that I was asking myself constantly
As I was making this song
And that’s what this preview is for

Before this song is released
I want you to start thinking about all the goals
The dreams and the talents you have that are inside of you
That you haven’t released to the world yet

And in the upcoming weeks before this song comes out
I want to make sure that we not just me not just you but everybody
Makes it their goal to release all these things we have inside to the world
Because why, tomorrow isn’t promised

My last words isn’t about dying it’s about living
And I think it’s important that we take control of our life
And make sure that we leave nothing on the table in terms of life
No stone unturned, no talent left inside, no creativity left inside
Every single idea you have must be exposed to the world

So that’s what I’m I’m doing before this song comes out
I’m making sure I have no regrets
For the day when you know God decides it’s my time
So that’s what I want everybody else to do
I’m calling it the the my last words challenge
And we’re working backwards
We’re making sure that whenever our time does come
Now we have nothing to say but, thank you, I enjoyed it
My name is Dax and I love you…

Dax 2019

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