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Lyrics I’ll Say It For You – Dax

I’ll say it for you
Because I know many people
Can’t say it for themselves

A lot of us have dreams, but fear failure
So we never open our book
And let them collect dust on our shelves

You see mine was basketball
And I made that decision when I was twelve
I tried to write my path and God laughed
Because he knew I didn’t know how to spell

So he gave me these words
And with them I merged the gap between heaven and hell
Reaching into the soul of a human being
And pulling it out so they could see it and smell
I’ll say it for you

If you’re broken, beaten down or soft spoken
To remind you that if woke up this morning
You were chosen and that if your waiting for tomorrow
You’ll always be dying ’cause you’re never living in the moment
I’ll say it for you

And let them laugh me when I speak
These people don’t eνen know what’s real in 2020
Because there stuck on the internet which is just sheep leading
I’ll say it for you

If you’ve been hurt, if you’re the only one on this planet earth
Who could ever see your worth,
If they convinced you your gift was somehow a curse,
If you’ve mistaken an accident for you birth
If you’ve been chosen last your whole life
And it’s time you finish first
I’ll say it for you

And I don’t even want the recognition
I’ll say it for you…

➤ Written by Dax
Album: I’ll Say It For You
Dax | 2020

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