Dax feat. Hopsin – YourWorthIt.org (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics “YourWorthIt.org” by Dax feat. Hopsin

Ayee if no ones told you this today
Imma tell ya, you worth it
It’s Dax

You worth it, perfect, see through the surface
A king or queen be supreme is your purpose, im certain
A don will be formed if you working, the pain is burden

I’m Preaching a service
Let me you bring you back
They gon tell you this
And they gon tell you that
That you need to be rich
And you need to be black, huh
Better play a sport
And if you can’t you better rap

Baby that’s trash, f**k Social media
F**k a blue check and a page on Wikipedia
I been disappointed cause society been teaching ya
To idolize these people f**k ’em they ain’t even feeding ya

Man what about the janitors
What about The doctors
Single moms working two jobs for they daughters
What about the garbage men
The n**gas on the bus
They be fueling our society
But they ain’t paid enough

Man I’m f**king fed up with this s**t
So I had to come and speak
Took a dark ass topic put it on a happy beat
I know its different not the average way you probably wanna
Listen thats reason why Its gonna make difference, huh

You worth it, worth it
So damn perfect, perfect
You worth it, worth it
So damn perfect, perfect

Sometimes we don’t need the school system to help us
And we don’t need to follow the rules like everyone else does
They are boxing us we should be aiming to breakthrough
Be yourself and let your imagination create you

Don’t ever feel constricted and don’t ever conform
They’ll step on your charm disable it and sever your charm
I am right in heaviness palm and I’m asking for more angels
To be my guardian so the savages won’t break through

Don’t be scared of taking a leap
It’s okay to they are always going to doubt
When you’re doing sh** that they can’t do
They ain’t gonna understand all the sh** that you been through
Open up your eyes and see all potential that’s in you

You can be a lot more than what you’ve been
Step up out of your comfort zone and make some more new friends
And you may need to cut them off because they’re loose ends
True s**t, don’t ever be all talk, just prove it go do s**t

You worth it, worth it
So damn perfect perfect..④

Let’s make it happen
Everybody take my hand
Black, white, gaay, bi, boy, girl every man
Put the hatred to side ya
It’s time to take a stand, what
You worth is what you give
Not what you got in terms of bands

Look we gon f**k em if they don’t understand
Just let your middle finger linger as you holding ya hands
Some see they hoping to brand
Just to keep us in their control
Follow your heart and do what’s in your soul
Just know that you worth it

You worth it, worth it
So damn perfect, perfect..⑥

And don’t you ever forget it
And if they tell you otherwise
You know what you tell them
You say.. f**k you
Ha-ha, it’s Dax…

➤ Produced by Nathan James & Dax
Album: It’s Different Now
Dax & Hopsin 2018

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