David Gilmour & Romany Gilmour – Yes, I Have Ghosts

Lyrics Yes, I Have Ghosts – David Gilmour & Romany Gilmour

The heat of the sun
Stayed on through the night
Made spectres of strangers
Playing games with my sight
I passed through the station
A face in the crowd
The whistle was blowing
The barrier came down

There was my baby
In another’s embrace
I called out her name
In shame and disgrace


Yes, I have ghosts
Not all of them dead
Making dust of my dreams
Spinning round and around
Around in my head

Train on the tracks
Teeth of the zip
The slider moves down
We were joined at the hip
Stealing the groove
The widening gap
Unfastening rails
From a past with no map

Yes, I have ghosts
A fleeting sight
It’s always the living
That are haunting my nights

Where is the sweet soul
That you used to be
Gone like a thistle
That’s blown on the breeze
I guess when it’s oνer
This haunting will end
The waiting, the baiting
My killer, my friend


Yes, I have ghosts
Not all of them dead
And they dance by the moon
Millstones white as the sheet
On my bed…

➤ Written by Polly Samson & David Gilmour
Produced by David Gilmour
David Gilmour | Romany Gilmour | 2020

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