Dave East feat. Vado – God Bless The Summer | Lyrics

Lyrics “God Bless The Summer” – Dave East feat. Vado

If you owe that man then pay that man
Look around I stood my ground
N*ggas can’t say I ran
I was taught by somebody take a sum’
You break his hand
And I was taught if you want to make a sum’
You take a chance

The way I see it
These n*ggas gon kill theyself
How the f*ck you keeping it real
You ain’t real with yourself
Many nights on the ocho
Duckin s*ckas and po-po’s
This Gucci with out the logo

I don’t wear no polo, I’m bouji now
I bring some women to bring some goonies out
They use to ask for credit, I did it
Like a rootcanle, I’ll get back to that later
I’m in the booth for now

Pistol in your mouth gone do more than chip
Tooth your smile
N*ggas I played basketball with the shooters now
I did the highway with work
I know how state troopers sound

It feel they plotting to kill me, I’m out the way
They book me for poppin’ the wheelie tree
It’s like animals but we get fly like the air force
I been on that ace of spade, this n*ggas on spin-off
Aiming at his head and try to knock that n*gga beard off
Pull the Benz off pay attention when men talk…

➤ Produced by Mike Kuz
Dave East & Vado 2018

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