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Lyrics Rooks – Danko

When the rooks were laid in the piles
By the sides of the road
Crashing into the aerials
Tangled in the laundry lines

And gathered in a field
They were burned in a feathering pyre
With their cold black eyes


When the swallows fell from the eaves
And the gulls from the spires
The starlings, in millions
Would feed on the ground where they lie

The ambulance men said
There’s nowhere to flee for your life
So we stay inside

And we’ll sleep until the world of man is paralyzed

Oh, the falconer awakes to the sound of the bells
Oνerhead and southbound
They are leaving his life


And each empty cage just rings in his heart like a bell
Underneath these cold stars in this trembling light

And he cries Amen
Let their kingdom come tonight
Let this dream be realized

And we’ll sleep until the world of man is paralyzed…

➤ Written by Danko
Produced by Danko
Danko | 2020

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