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Lyrics Rapture – D Smoke

Imagine a day without women
I bet your first thought was
Who ’bout to take care of the children
That’s just like us, placin’ all of their values in rearing

Lil’ versions of our imperfect hearts on the surface
Hard to work with suffer at the core
Won’t explore past traumas
Just to make sure he could be a good father


Imagine they missin’ from starter
We stuck in predicament that we can’t fix with our wallets
Now we must deal with our garbage, baggage
Imagine a world with no magic

It must be so apocalyptic
Ain’t no colder predicament
Imagine God, say she sick of it
And took all our women

This time we’re gonna see, I’ll save you..②
The rapture
This time we’re gonna see, I’ll save you..②

Imagine a world with no flowers
Imagine the sand but no beach, no sweet only sour
No leaves on the trees, zero oxygen, I can’t breathe, I believe
Heroes often wear my .. prophets
Then prophesize of this day, ain’t believe ’em
Just like a n**ga that think she won’t leave him
Blink of an eye, you went to the sky


I know you see him lookin’ down, ain’t you disappointed
It took this fast to get the point and
F**k a picture, then disappear, missin’ mornings
With you wakin’ up next to me
Breakfast in bed, should’ve did that more regularly
Bacon and eggs, be the least we could to show you
We appreciate you but it’s too late
Heaven got you in your true state
Listen here to what the fool say when you’re gone

This time we’re gonna see, I’ll save you..②
The rapture
This time we’re gonna see, I’ll save you..②

Imagine you was only dreamin’
Imagine you wakin’ up, holdin’ and squeezin’ the snow
Wonder just how you feel in every moment
Knowin’ that she could be gone
And Heaven’s home to all of the children

After that vision I’m willin’ to listen
After that sentence to an existence without passion
I’d risk it all to give it all right back to a woman
Can’t turn our backs on the women
Do more than chill and relax on a woman
Took you the bag, and invest the stashed
Lil’ boy gon’ be man, сan’t place a tag
With a price on a life, with the right woman
Act with the right, try to fight women
Die, n**ga die if you strike women
I question if you even like women

Your breath could leave you in a second, n**ga
Real n**gas lay down, protectin’ women
Still recognize that I ain’t perfect
Got a dozen thanks to her
And cause stress for the women
God bless ’em, life served me hard lessons
Just keep in mind this season time ends
The womb is where all life begins, no world without women

This time we’re gonna see, I’ll save you..

The rapture
This time we’re gonna see, I’ll save you…

➤ Written by D Smoke
Produced by Seige Monstracity & Phonix Beats
D Smoke | 2020

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