Crywolf – The Hunger In Your Haunt | Lyrics

Crywolf performing The Hunger In Your Haunt (Lyrics | Video 2016) 

Versuri (lyrics)  The Hunger In Your Haunt 

I saw in the corner of your smἰle
There’s been a darkness there a while
You know..

When the breezes of this storm surely blow
We will watch it from our houses
Watch it from our houses in the snow

Where are all the things that you have toiled all your life for
Was it me you wanted when you said you
Wanted something more than what you knew
What you knew..

I felt love in a different place and I
Felt you move in a different way and
All my life’s been a whisper without you

I’ve been alone in a million places and
I’ve seen God in some dirty faces and
All that I could thἰnk about was you…

➤ Directed and Edited by Justin Taylor Phillips and Jake Melara
Cinematography by Lexi Norton
Feat Tricia LeBlanc