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Lyrics Chatter – Connor Price

Yeah, ooh, see why I took it
They askin’ me, Who woulda thought, um, I did
Keepin’ it humble in-person
Like Oh my god, I can’t believe it, okay, I’m lyin’
Straight to the fact when the beat hittin’ right
I just say how I’m feelin’, no, I can’t hide it
Feel like I’ll take on a giant, Goliath
I’m slingin’ a shot to the eyelet, boom

I ain’t never missin’
I put in the work, every verse gets written
I am no menace, but they heard my pen is
Every word like a perp ’cause it serve that sentence, wait
Every time I hear the beat, I got like infinite flows
Different approach, low, fast, yeah, I’m grippin’ ’em both
Gift of the gab, go back, now I’m takin’ a blow
Givin’ a gift when I rap like a ribbon and bow

When I’m tyin’ up these loose ends
I wanna know where the roof ends
If sky’s the limit, what’s true, then
Why does the moon have shoeprints
Switch up the beat, I don’t know how my style is
They wanted somethin’ that sounded like Violet
I said, Okay, then go listen to ‘Violet’
Cryin’ about it then queuein’ the violence

Yeah, shoutout to Bens
We kept it spinnin’, they feelin’ dizzy
I keep on winnin’, feelin’ like Drizzy
Shoutout Toronto, that’s word to the city
I’ve been switchin’ lanes like I’m Tory, they know that I’m litty
I say that I’m sorry, but no, I don’t pity
The lames in my story that’s goin’ against me
I pave a new way, if I want it, I get it, I’m Diddy

Woah, mmh, ah, yeah
Back-to-back flows, back-to-back hits
Had some bad friends, had to axe those
I don’t make friends, I just meet ends
Stack the cash so high I caved in
Now my tax guy wants to meet in
Had to show me what I owe these
Government guys, almost fainted
Not complainin’, just a joke, please
Don’t go sayin’ that I switched up
How I’m changin’, I’m just proud now
Feels amazin’, look, yeah

Everything I said I wanted, I got
Told ’em on EGOT
The moment I’m makin’ six figures a month
Off of streamin’, I’ll stop, I lied, I still didn’t stop, yeah

Woo, yeah, copycats on the timeline
Inspired, I say, Lies, lies
Word for word, there’s a fine line
Had to go and check the guidelines
Really had me feelin’ like, Why try
‘Til I realized, when it comes to fate
I decide mine while they watch
And wait from the sidelines
Set the pace, they on my time
I keep risin’ like high tide
They reachin’ out and give high fives
They in and out, I’m like Five Guys
Innovate while they imitate
You front row, but I’m center stage
I’m still the rookie like Dennis Quaid
I’m independent, that’s better pay

Look, I get it, the numbers are different
You gotta do somethin’ to feel like you matter
They copy the best, well, I guess
If I’m seein’ it from that perspective, I’m actually flattered
The name must have iced out the teeth
Because honestly, all that I’m hearin’ these days is chatter
You can go down or up
But however you wanna spell it, I’m takin’ the latter…

➤ Written by Connor Price
Produced by 100graham
Connor Price | 2022

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