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Lyrics Kratos – Chris Webby

Got here like the God tier
Bringin’ war so the Gods fear when this God’s near
With a shield and a sharp spear
Any God here better bend the knee before I start bodyin’ Gods
Clearin’ the path with wrath in any habitat I inhabit at
Fill the halls of Valhalla with my battle-axe
I fed Anubis so many souls that’ll pass ’em back
And ship ’em off to Haiti’s, every afterlife’s at max capac’

Clash with titans ’til you crawlin’ through the wreckage
And climb up Mount Olympus to get more of a perspective
Then I showed Zeus the word immortal is subjective
As I left him headless, sittin’ on his throne to send a message

That dawned before Atreus, I’m written in the ancient scripts
For spillin’ blood of any man, a myth who dare to raise a fist
When it comes to chaos, I got exactly the blade for this
And when I’m done with your Pantheon, you’ll be atheist

Where my blades go
Blood’ll stain the snow
From Asgard to Olympus I got ’em prayin’ though
And they know that they better lay low
Because in a world of rap Gods I am Kratos
Because in a world of rap Gods I am Kratos

God chosen like the God Odin
As I’m grippin’ Thors hammer and leavin’ these Gods broken
We don’t stop goin’ so listen up when this God’s spoken
When I pull up got all of these Gods frozen in place
I ran a race to make it further from my darker days
Fate is written, all of us have got our part to play
Still I hunger for battle and keep a sharpened blade
Bottle up my spartan rage and let it out if y’all engage
I’ll single handedly take Hercules and Perseus
Unleash my murderous service and send ’em to the Cerberus
I’m as unbreakable as balder’s epidermis is
And out of this world with this way of words, just ask Copernicus
Ptolemy and Galileo, go and grab your telescope
Snatch Orion’s belt from him
Wrap it around his neck and choke
As I rip the head from Helios, the sun’ll set for most
While I drown Poseidon in the river sticks and let him float

Openin’ Pandora’s Box and left the minotaur in shock
Grabbed him by the horns and pulled him ’til his spinal cord just popped
They write my name in the heiroglyphic’s, this Horus watches
Knowin’ that he could be next in a gold adorned sarcophagus
Mummified, ain’t no runnin’ wide on my animosity
No mythology safe from blades in the hand of prophecy
Inflict atrocity through the pages of anthropology
That any mortal man of God can see

There he is
There’s the God of War…

➤ Written by Chris Webby
Produced by JP On Da Track
Chris Webby | 2023

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