Chris Brown – Sleep At Night Lyrics | Music Video

Lyrics Sleep At Night – Chris Brown

I know you’ve been tellin’
Everybody who would listen
That I ain’t s**t
I ain’t been s**t
But that’s your perspective
And you know perspective’s subjective
I, I don’t blame you, baby
You lie, so leave, baby

That’s okay ’cause you gonna do what you wanna do
Play it like you wanna, move how you wanna move
I ain’t gon’ stop ya, say what you wanna say
That’s okay, it’s okay

Ah, guess you gotta do whatever helps you sleep at night
Hope you’re comfortable layin’ your head down on your pride
Holdin’ on to lonely ego if they vandalize
But, whatever helps you sleep at night, at night


➤ Written by Chris Brown
Chris Brown | 2020

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