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Lyrics The Oath – Chinx, French Montana

Yeah, kitchen cookin’ O’s
Thirty-six of those, lil’ one, you got his soul
Dolla on the beat and n**gas got a zone
I’m at these n**gas necks, like a collarbone
I’m ballin’ all these f**kers, all net
If it ain’t about a check, I don’t stress

Nah, I let my money work out, both legs
Take a sip of water, do some more sets
You’re rockin’ with the new illuminati, all-black Maserati
Careful how you talk, my young boys’ kamikaze
Started from the block to a hundred M’s
New ghost Rolls in a set of gems
S**t, n**ga, you damn right
Whipped it on the stove, just to get my fan right

Coke Boy, n**ga, we anti
Pop the pill, sip the lean, we gon’ take flight
The fact that I’m doin’ good, they wanna pull me back
Grind like a mule, hard work is what you lack
Light a candle, say a prayer for the past homies
Ain’t belong in here
On the block where the homicides go down
Fast money never slow down
Cycles on and on, like a merry-go-round
A few you make it out, except for the chosen ones
You heard many songs, this the unspoken ones

All I ask is a lil’ secrecy
Only the real n**gas know what the f**k I’m talkin’ ’bout
Oh, yes, it’s Drugz
F**k, I get mine, n**ga, get yours
Haha, haha
Coke Boy, baby

Pop Smoke, Nipsey Hussle, King Von, Chinx Drugz
Triple X, Juice WRLD, Fred tha God
Fifteen roaches on my face, like I was Puffy Combs
Fifteen hitters with me, shootin’ like they Eddie Jones
I was trippin’ off my weight, mixin’ Percs with tequila
From a feelin’, now my diamonds dancin’ like Triller

We was hustlin’ on the block, from the housin’ departments
Stand in middle of the street, like I was Paul McCartney
Me and Chinx racin’ foreigns, got Pop on the chorus
You know legends never die, king like Notorious
I done skipped death twice, here to tell you stories
They done shot me in the head, that’s the price I’m payin’
That new illuminati, all yellow-red Bugatti
Racin’ through the back-blocks, like it’s Abu Dhabi

Bumpin’ Maserati Fox in that black Maserati
I sipped lean with Mac Miller, rest in peace, God heal us
Rolled around with Big Pun through the South Bronx slums
Bumpin’ Punisher, tell Allah Take me, I’m a punisher
And God told you
If you try to control what Saudia control, it controls you
Gotta watch they actions, not they captions
Coke Boys, we’re livin’ with a passion
A few make it out, except for the chosen ones
You heard plenty songs, this the unspoken one

All I ask this year is we stay alive
We stay great
Hip-hop, we need you
I pray to God, all my n**gas up there
Y’all lookin’ down on us and you proud of us
You see, legends never die
Legacy’s are forever
A message to the entire community
We better than this
When will it stop
I’m tired of losin’ my n**gas
A dedication, peace signs up
Light a candle, say a prayer
Light a candle, say a prayer
Light a candle, say a prayer
Love you, my n**gas
Light a candle, say a prayer
For life
Light a candle, say a prayer…

➤ Written by Chinx, French Montana & DJ Drama
Album: Coke Boys 6
Chinx | French Montana | 2023

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