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Lyrics “Last Time” / Che Ecru

Don’t forget..
Oh, ooh, it’s the last time, yeah
That I’ma see you, for a while babe

I call you up in the middle of the night babe
Just to tell you, you on my mind yeah
Don’t wanna lie with, not to lie to
End it for life then, I’m wasting time too
Can’t waste your patience on me
Don’t waste nothing on me, on me, on me

Realness, when you feel this
Hope you feel this, in my feelings
When we feeling
In the morning, when I’m on you
When we together, on to
Oh ooh, hopefully I will be, that clean

Cause I don’t wanna do dirty babe
I don’t wanna do dirty babe
And I haven’t said nothing else
That I wouldn’t have had to say to you
Girl I don’t tell no lies
I just tell you the truth
And everytime, that I were away
I miss you so much it’s sad to say

That it’s the last time
That, that I’ma see you for a while
For a while, for a while
Sad that that it’s the last time
That I’ma see you for a while
You know I’ma think about you
Don’t doubt you, oh

It’s the, It’s the last time
It’s the, It’s the, It’s the last time
No baby you know I ain’t f**k it last night
No no, I can never f**k it last night
Oh, I just wanna have it
Oh, give me p**sy like a habit
Oh, got me so addicted
Oh, feeling like an addict
Oh, make me wanna stop it

Puttin in work with yo back like you cracked it
I ain’t even mad, but I’ma give you mad d**k
I’ma make it feel so good like it’s magic yeah
You know I’ma get that
I’ma make sure that this isn’t a setback
You know I’ma make that ass jiggle when I get back
You know how the n**ga finna hit you when he get back, yeah

Love it when I’m inside, you look dead inside I
Give it to you, hard, you don’t flinch you cry, no..④

Don’t forget

➤ Che Ecru 2018

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