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Lyrics Chapters – Central Cee

Some of these guys just bad on a desktop
Tryna bring on a ‘net war
Me and Elizabeth stood in a wedlock
I don’t know why them guys upset for
How can I not s**t on my doorstep
Somebody smokin’ next door
Z’s were white like parmesan
And the box is green like pesto pasta

Family first then money comes second
The rest don’t matter
They think that I came up quick
They don’t know ’bout the rest of the chapters
I’m from where the Jackboys active
Don’t sleep with your window open
Don’t ever leave your door on the latches
Bro got two, next time that he scores, it’s a hattrick

I had a big dream from young
Some s**t that I done, I couldn’t imagine
Why would I dwell on the past Without that
Maybe this wouldn’t have happened
Me and the bros in a new environment
I feel like the only one adaptin’
Bro still ready to wrap man
Shank man, some of the guys still trappin’

Uh, in the Shah with the dargs
The starter’s prawns, the main is sea bass
My darg won’t ask for help, that hurts me hard
I don’t like when I see that
If YJ run off with your pack
I swear, you won’t get that weed back
I don’t even care ’bout the rap
I don’t even need no feedback

Remember the rap game didn’t accept me
Now, you see the reception
Remember them girls, they try reject me
Now, they’re so quick to come to the bedroom
Remember when my girl left me
Oh, now, she go cope with depression
I can get over my ex the same way
I can get over recession

Inflation, I’m ready for that when the prices rasin’
Only thing on my mind was paper
Now, only thing on my mind is payback
The show that I done today
Is more than my parents’ life savings
Survivors guilt, I’m dealin’ with that
So, tell me the price, I’ll pay that

I feel like buyin’ the shop at the job I applied for way back
Remember washin’ my body with Fairy Liquid, he ran out of Radox
I’m only human, I still feel sad when I’m sat in the back of a Maybach
I thought that my life was hard ’til I went to the orphanage in Lagos…

➤ Written by Central Cee & SHK
Album: No More Leaks
Produced by SHK
Central Cee | 2022

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