Cassie Marin – Weigh (Music Video)

Lyrics “Weigh” by Cassie Marin

Guess time is up
I forgot to take a photo of us
To get me by
Just when I thought
I’d forgotten what it felt like to lose
You made me cry

With hands like thieves you stole
Stole me away
Before I had a chance
Chance to run

You make me hot like the sun
But I’ve been melting away
Show me how to have fun
The sky’s beginning to weigh

Weigh me down down down down..
Weigh me down down down down..

I’ve called you mine
In a dream that I’ve had multiple times
My mind divine
A place I made
One you’ll never even realize you came until you shine

You won’t believe what I want you to see
But damn baby I hope you do

I’d rip my heart out for you
But I’ve been floating away
Tell me what would you do
If everything found a way to weigh

Weigh you down down down down..
Weigh you down down down down…

➤ Album: S.O.S (EP)
Cassie Marin 2018

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