Camila Cabello – What Do I Know About Love?

What do I know about love?

Where does the love go when it runs out?
When does it leave?
Why does it die?
Do you kill it in one violent blow?
Or is it a million unattended
Unhealed little cuts and scratches?

What do I know about love?
It creeps into my chest
Uninvited and untamable
I know love has no mercy on anyone
Rich, poor, independent, codependent, confident, insecure
It’ll bring you to your knees if you did it right
What I know for sure about love is..
That you never come out of it the same

The other person is a chemical and I am a chemical
And we both will come out as different people than when we met
I know when you’re in love kissing is everything
Because words aren’t the only way to tell someone how you feel
I know when you fall in love
You feel like you’re the first and only two people in the world
Every kiss, every touch, every caress
Is like something you feel nobody has ever felt before
And you think.. has everybody that’s fallen in love before just
Walked around this nonchalantly the whole time

You’re at a restaurant with your friends and you can feel it
This secret under your tongue burning like fire but sweet
And it creeps up to your cheeks it makes you smile
And suddenly you look down and see your heart’s veins reaching
reaching, clinging to someone else’s heart

I’ve learned a lot about love in my 20’s but
Not enough to maintain control in the face of its power
And for every new thing I learned
There was something else I couldn’t understand
All I know is love changes you
If you’re lucky to something better
What I know for sure is
Falling in love with life itself
Makes an artist out of everyone
I thought I was making art before
Writing songs was me making art but
Now I want my life to be the work of art
And my songwriting to be the camera
That I take a picture of it with

It’s what I’m living
That’s the art
What do I know about love
Maybe nothing
And that’s why it’s everything…

Camila Cabello | 2019