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Lyrics Always Forever – Bryson Tiller

Yeah, you know I tried to stop
Yeah, you know I tried
I tried to give you a little less of my time
Starting to feel like I’m never in my right mind
In my right mind is it the right time, babe
See you in the nighttime, babe
It’s nighttime

I wish you had feelings like mine, baby
Feels like I’m still just a homie
Actin’ like you don’t want me, yeah
No, oh oh, shawty just don’t do it for me
You do it for me


Yeah, say you not doin’ it for me
Then say bye, say bye
Say say now, girl, say bye
Say now, say goodbye
Say goodbye

You know I tried, I really tried
Now you’re right back on my mind
I feel the time just, tick, tick, tick, tick, passing by
Thought this was always forever, so I’m actin’ wild
Would you lie to me babe
Oh that ain’t right to me baby
You know I was here to stay
Ain’t really got muсh left to say
Please, say you’re done doin’ for me

Then say bye, say, say bye bye bye
Say say now, girl, say bye
Bye, you don’t need me
Say now, say goodbye
Say goodbye

On all our memories and all our moments, yeah
When a little accident, it’s hard to focus
Oh, I’d like to imagine, the time ain’t frozen
Oh, don’t tell no lies, you wasn’t mine
But hit my line up
Why, ’cause you was tired of somebody
I won’t say his name
I’m simply tryna forget everything
Since you don’t remember anything…


➤ Written by J-Louis & Bryson Tiller
Album: Serenity
Produced by CAMEone, Teddy Walton & J-Louis
Bryson Tiller | 2020

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