Bruce Springsteen – Chasin’ Wild Horses | Lyrics

Lyrics “Chasin’ Wild Horses” – Bruce Springsteen

Guess it was something I shouldn’t have done
Guess I regret it now
Ever since I was a kid
Tryin’ to keep my temper down is like
Chasin’ wild horses, chasin’ wild horses
Chasin’ wild horses

Left my home, left my friends
I didn’t say goodbye
I contract out to the BLM
Up on the Montana line
Chasin’ wild horses, chasin’ wild horses

We’re out before sunup
In after sundown
There’s two men in the chopper
Two under saddle on the ground
In the evenings we’d hop in the pickup
Head into town for a drink
Make sure I work ’til I’m so damn tired
Way too tired to think

You lose track of time
It’s all just storms blowing through
You come rolling ‘cross my mind
Your hair flashing in the blue
Like wild horses, just like wild horses
Just like wild horses

Fingernail moon in a twilight sky
Riding high grass of the switchback
I shout your name into the canyon
The echo throws it back

The winter snow whites out the plains
‘Til it can turn me blind
The only thing up here I’ve found
Is trying to get you off my mind
Chasin’ wild horses, chasin’ wild horses
Chasin’ wild horses, chasin’ wild horses…

➤ Written by Bruce Springsteen
Album: Western Stars
Produced by Bruce Springsteen & Ron Aniello
Bruce Springsteen | 2019