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Yo, yo
I was talking to my mom the other day
And she was tryna give me advice
About everything that’s going on since…
And I get so lost in my motherf**kin’ head
I be think..
I tried to turn it into some..
Tried to turn it into something like
A few bars
Let’s hear me out, hear me out, hear me out
Yo yo, yeah, yo yo

I know I gotta be, c’mon
More like RZA be, c’mon, c’mon
My momma asking me, woo
Ian, why don’t you keep the band together, woo
I know it’s hard to keep the band together, c’mon
Me and your dad were fighting, we stayed together, c’mon, c’mon
Even once we split we stayed together, woo, woo
Be like your mom and keep the band together

All of the songs where I dissed my mom
Helped me help her stay in her home
Now I’m finna lose my home
So never diss where you come from
I’ve gotta keep the American flag
Texas where I’m from, got the drums in my bag

Mom I’m feeling new, my hate for you is through
The things that we went through
I wish that I could do it all over again
Even all by myself, cause now I’ve lost my friends
But I f**k with myself and

This is what I do whenever I feel excited
This is for my people outside who ain’t invited
This is what I do whenever I feel excited
I love it, I love it, I love it

I know I gotta be
More like RZA be
My momma asking me
Ian why don’t you keep the band together

You know what’s so funny right
You on RCA right
I mean that’s your major
That’s what Wu was on…

➤ Written by Kevin Abstract, Romil Hemnani, bearface, Bruce Belland & Glen A. Larson
Produced by Nick Velez, bearface

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