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Lyrics Brockhampton – BROCKHAMPTON

Sorry, Kiko
Yeah, all together, I just want my
I’m in a different vehicle
I got you guys, I got you, I got it
A Big Mac and a ten-piece Chicken Nuggets
Sheesh, he’s hungry, he’s hungry
I see the vision
I been seeing the vision, yo

I miss the band already
F**k that, I miss my old man already
The kids broke up the band already
So this one right here for the fans, already
Roadrunner sessions was a blessing
Russell healing, I was sober
Doing keto, I was tryna focus
My mind stronger, in the studio longer

But deep down, I was still a coward
Buzzcut, rerecording it for hours
‘Til I had that verse feeling rowdy
Took out that line about n**gas tryna cancel me
Protect my brothers, f**k that plan that I had for me
I know I got it in me
So I played the game, even when the game was filthy
Derek and Brian, they was tryna convince me
That, Count On Me was the one to make us a billi’
But really, I wanted something that felt more real

But still be a popstar
Without making radio songs
And no TikTok bangers
My dreads hang, I grew up on Lil Wayne, b**ch
We all tired of hearing all the same s**t
I hear you talking, we don’t speak the same language
We ain’t make the trilogy for a playerlist
I wish I knew the day that we signed that it would change s**t
TECH DIFF, the last one to feel true
And baby boy, you know, these issues ain’t new
What would you do if you had that house with a pool

Me and Jabari had a fight that changed our relationship
When you yelling at your brothers, it gets dangerous
I don’t think our love’s ever been the same since
Now I only yell at God and my therapist
Now I only yell at God, I lost my therapist
Right, Did I do that right

Honestly, there were issues before Roadrunner
Iridescence, I wasn’t really there for my brothers
Barely present, more focused on bad relationships
It was good for my image, I got lost in it
That’s when I first started drinking, lost my hunger, man
When you make it, it feels like the longest summer, man
Went from wondering to struggling
Thank God, y’all was down to be patient, man
Ended up on so many different stages, man
Brought the whole family with us when we hit Japan
We gained a friend just to get used to losing ’em, feel like I lost a limb
N**gas mad Ameer and me started talking again

I guess that’s why I ain’t seen n**gas from the group like
I wish one of you n**gas would just call me, man
We was an army, man, remember the plans we had
Remember when rehearsals ain’t go by so fast
Remember when touring ain’t revolve around cash
But I can’t even blame you ’cause my mama need the bag
And your daddy need the bag, this s**t ain’t gotta be so sad
I wouldn’t take nothin’ back even if I could rewrite the past

Joba, you the most musical motherf**ker
Matt, I know you a perfectionist but now you free
Dom, ain’t nobody f**king with you lyrically
Merlyn, can’t nobody match this n**ga’s energy Bari
The world ’bout to see who you finna be Ciarán
You brought the truth out of me
I was living in a fantasy
The next chapter is everything that we said it would be
This next chapter is everything that we want it to be
The show’s over, get out your seats

Get out your seats
Get up, get the f**k up, let’s go
Get out your seats, move, the show is over
Let’s go, no, no, no, it’s solo time, n**ga
Solo, hahaha

After all that we’ve been through
Breaking up is hard to do
I hate to leave you behind
But I can’t go on living this lie
I just want to live a life that’s free
So what I do won’t hurt no one but me
I got a feeling I can’t control
And I can’t fake it anymore…

➤ Written by Kevin Abstract, Romil Hemnani, bearface, Betty Thompson, Jerry Middleton, Marvin Thompson, Stanley Shuman & David Thompson
Produced by bearface

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