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Lyrics Nuff Said – Brandon Kai

Ayo is this s**t running
Yeah, we good, we good, we good, aight, aight
Just wanna cleanse the room real quick , it’s 2023, baby
Cause a n**ga done had it already, man, it’s Nuff Said
N**gas playing with my name and s**t
You know it’s, it’s time, it’s time
To clean the room up, you feel me

This how I get, this how I get down
Eastside we get down, Westside we get down
Southside we get down, can’t forget bout uptown

Yeah, yeah, we major
Haven’t heard about this sound, I’m kicking old school flavor
Talking backpack, Rat Pack, Sinatra style
And frankly I been a G And that’s how I’ma hold it down
Your time is up, I’m coming now, see me how I’m rolling out
Manoeuvre through the city
Step out the car, sir, let me pat you down
A n**ga too fresh, that’s why they hate my sound

Hate I chose the paper route, how many times I beat the odds
N**ga, I can barely count, just know it’ll even out
Can’t be window shopping baby
Only spending big amounts of cash
Investments coming back in six ways
I can’t relax and if ya ever seen me lacking
S**t that must of been the past
And even though they sleeping on me I’m still waking up to rap
Just a verse I pulled out the stash
Pockets on what’s that Make a hater buck back
While y’all been on the down low I was putting up a comeback
You see the stats I run that, so please don’t come in contact
My manager gon’ handle it if you ain’t in my contacts
Between me and these local rappers, there’s a huge contrast
No hunger and they all wack

You might be at the top now, we gon’ see how long that last
A bunch of wannabes that ain’t buzzing
Who’s the greatest, Mm-hmm no discussion
‘Cause the game opinionated, future Grammy nominated
Woah, Brandon, what ya sayin’, b**ch I’m going super saiyan Songwriter, producer, plus a legend in the making
All three in the flesh and all my records breathtaking
Such a don the way I walk, God flow the way I talk

One mic, one man, and in between is all my thoughts
Let it spill over the canvas, so I paint my point across
If you with me till the end then ain’t no way we’ll take a loss
Nuff said, n**ga, yeah, nuff said, uh
And nuff said, n**ga, yeah, nuff said, yeah and I’m out

This how I get, this how I get down
Eastside we get down, Westside we get down
Southside we get down, can’t forget bout uptown
This how I get down

Woah, ladies and gentlemen
You now rocking with the one and only
From the 2-1-2 to the 8-1-3
Can’t forget ’bout uptown…

➤ Written by Brandon Kai & KNEO
Produced by KNEO
Brandon Kai | 2023

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