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Lyrics Anti-Curse – boygenius

Getting deep
I’m out of my depth at a public beach
I never listened, I had to see for myself
It’s coming in waves
Shoots through my mind like a pinball, straight
Friendly fire, point blank

Salt in my lungs
Holding my breath
Making peace with my inevitable death

I guess I did alright, considering
Tried to be a halfway decent friend
Wound up a bad comedian
An honest fool with more bad habits
Than you can count

There we were
Was anyone ever so young
Breaking curfew with illegal fireworks
Unpacking God in the suburbs

I’m swimming back
You say you don’t have to make it bad
Just cause you know how

Writing the words
To the worst love song you’ve ever heard
Sounding out the foreign characters
An incantation like an anti-curse
Or even a blessing…

➤ Written by Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus & Julien Baker
Album: the record
Produced by Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus & Julien Baker
boygenius | 2023

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