Booze & Glory – Too Soon (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics “Too Soon” by Booze & Glory

I’ll smoke my last cigarette
Before call it a night
My last sip of whisky
‘Cause the bar is closing now
It’s nearly midnight
Outside’s cold and dark

It seems like thousand years ago
Cruel fate ripped us apart
To see you once again
I’d travel million miles
To hold your hand
And see you smile

I’d give all I own
To meet you one more time

Now you’re up there
And watch me everyday
I’m trying to believe
You never went away
The flame you lit
Still burning bright

If we could sit down and talk
About crazy times we knew
You always meant so much to me
Forever will do too
Your arms around me
When I was down
When things weren’t good

Please tell me why those best ones
Always leave too soon

I’ll never forget
The good times we had
Another day and night
Weeks go passing by
The tears that I’ve cried
Like neverending rain
The pictures are fading out
But the memories remain
The memories remain…

➤ Music & Lyrics: Booze & Glory
Master: Dan Swano / Unisound
Mix & Record: Mathias Farm (Millencolin) / Soundlab Studios (Orebro, Sweden)
Booze & Glory 2019

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