A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie ft. Queen Naija – Come Closer

Lyrics “Come Closer” by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie feat. Queen Naija

I sent the jet to Aruba, I know it sounds nice, ooh
You gon’ fall into my trap, you gon’ fall right through
Even when you’re with your lover and your phone’s on mute
When I call you an Uber, you gon’ come right through

Need to cry you a river
If you lie, won’t forgive you
And I won’t ever, ever trust you
And I won’t ever, ever miss you
And yeah I love my baby mother
But if she f**k another n**ga
I won’t ever, ever touch her
And don’t you ever get it twisted

Yeah, I’ma cry me a river
Just get it out your system
You know how much I really want you
You know I’ll never ever forget you

Way too much time spent on strippers
Ain’t mean to cut you out the picture
I don’t mean to be callin’ you b**ch and s**t
But I be buggin’ off the liquor
The muscle relaxant was workin’
Throwin’ it back while she squirtin’

Don’t need surgery, you’re perfect
Remember when b**ches was curvin’
Can’t no n**ga get you Birkins
Every time you think I’m lurkin’
All my clothes, you were burnin’
Oh that’s how you feel That’s the word, yeah

Come closer
All I ever needed was some closure
Come closer
All I ever needed was some

You told me that you need some closure, you said come over
I don’t need to take no Uber, I drive a Rover
Tryna bribe me with a bag, wait, n**ga, hold up
If you ever try to play me, n**ga, you’s a hold-up, hold up

Always got what I wanted
Never asked nobody for nothin’
I can take a trip to the islands alone
But if you want it you
Gotta come with somethin’ new

I don’t know what’s wrong with you
So over your petty games
You’re getting way too comfortable
Oh-oh, oh versuri.online
Gettin’ real comfortable treatin’ me like a regular
Don’t bring out the worst in me
When I bring out the best in you
Boy, I ain’t average
Don’t make me turn savage
I need you to see that I’m no regular girl

Come closer
All I ever needed was some closure
Come closer
All I ever needed was some closure

Come closer, oh, oh
Come closer, oh, oh
All he ever needed was some closure…

➤ Written by A Boogie wit da Hoodie
Album: Hoodie SZN
Produced by SkipOnDaBeat & Hitmaka
A Boogie wit da Hoodie & Queen Naija 2018

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