B.o.B – Air Bender (Music Video)

B.o.B performing Air Bender (Music Video 2016)  

Versuri (lyrics)  Air Bender

Rush hour, fresh out the dealership
Me and my homies eat the fἰlthy fish
I ain’t even worried about a silly bi*ch
Tell the feds chill with the censorship
Members only, I’m the only member with a membership
Trying real hard not to conversate with pessimists
Who always want to see you fall down like The London Bridge
Same song sung by a bunch of kids, can I live
Tabloids watching which crib
Competition and the bi*ches got my name on they lips
Takin’ shots like 1 8 7 is they favorite offense
Real dawg, should’ve came with a fence
Smokin’ tree, baby I could pitch you a tent
Alot of windows don’t be selfish baby call you a friend
I should make ’em box for Benihana
Wake up in the mornin’ feed em left over Benihana
Eatin’ sushi off her body no karate I’m the ..
3 ninjas, Tum Tum, Colt, & Rocky
Plus boy Van Damme
Polo can’t manage
Even with my eyes shut, I would never take damage
You should build a room for the panic
Switch my whole style up
Capoeira fight dancing
Not to say I’m Bobby gettin’ fancy
I should probably change my name to Jamie
Soo Young lead me in a winehouse
Juntao kidnap her, throw her in the ‘cedes
Now the asian enjoyin them some dim sum
You don’t know about it need to get one …
You got the foreign whip.. so what I’m on my 10th one

Stacking all the millions like ‘Jitsu
I’m a Great White you’re fish food
We should talk face to face like men do
But you too used to makin’ moves how a bi*ch move
Probably wear the same pad that your bi*ch use
I’m just tryna show you what you been through
Spinnin’ in the same circle like a rim do
OG in the game, strokes beard like Rick Rub’
Tokyo, they whippin’ in the caddy, we can drift too
When I drift through, bad bi*ch mixed with hindu
She got every shoe except issues
Bag full of money, MAC makeup and a Shih Tzu
Or sake shots for my little Geisha
She’d rather die than give up our location
She gone turn to Chun-Li in any altercation
I ain’t gon lie that kinda turn me on, f*ck her in the ‘cedes

Jitsu, Jitsu, Jitsu, Jitsu.. Jitsu, Jitsu, Jitsu, Jitsu..

This is only the beginning, the road gets tougher
Now that you’re a ninja, and if I told you that
I guess ἰt would ruin the moment
So I’ll tell you later…