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Lyrics Swervin – BlocBoy JB

I’m a real n**ga no trader
Fill up em with lead n**ga don’t get confused by the paper
N**gas be misusing the paper
Spendin money on these h*es n**gas really be abusin the paper

But I’ma tell you n**gas what to do wit da cash
Buy a lil ounce weigh it up in a bag
Point eight a gram sell that s**t to ya last
Re-up wit da profit go get you a bag

Swervin’, swervin’..④

Weigh it no Reebok used to wear Fila
But I earned my stripes like Adidas
Stickin to the green like I’m Peta
Keep a glock on me n**ga I don’t do da de-cock

’98 Pops sellin crack in his Reebok’s
Gangsta hat to da right dats how he roc
Baby mama call my phone she hot
But back to the point fell in love with the SiLA

B**ch I go Coo Coo connected like a Bluetooth
N**ga I dis my city I’ll leaνe his blood on my new sh*es
Put yo b**ch up on my bloc and make her pay dues
I’ma get her naked in her tutu

Bullets hit him now he need a test tube
A scar like a permanent tattoo
Keep the stick on me permanent bamboo
If it’s money on his head I’ma take it if the rent due

Swervin’, swervin’..④


BlocBoy JB | 2020

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