BlocBoy JB – Still Crippin | Lyrics 2020

Lyrics Still Crippin – BlocBoy JB

Yeah, I’m still crippin’
Wo wo, f**k you mean
B**ch, woo

B**ch, I’m still crippin’
East Side n**ga, I’m still livin’
Any problem in the hood, I deal with it
Put a bag on his head, it’s a meal ticket
Got a Glock on the boat, call it a fish stick
N**ga try to rob me, that’s a blank miss
Hold the Drac’ in the car, my Elgato AR
We put h*es in the whip, now it’s ..

And a n**ga still tippin’ on the fo’ fo’s
And they still be trappin’ at the Citgo
And the d**k in the Glock and it’s a 4-O
Hoofin’ at the plug and told ’em, get ghost
Catching these bodies, but don’t catch a case
He talk out the top, put a hole in his face
Swerve, and every time I see the ..
I send my lil’ .. to wipe for the ..

These n**gas talkin’ like they send me bodies
But most of these n**gas some mini-mes
Shakin’ my hand and they smilin’
You would say, Hi, to some n**gas, some enemies
It’s 2020 and I’m smokin’ Christmas tree
Whippin’ the dope in the pot, this ain’t chemistry
I go on some fruit, but not on ..
Middle finger trigger finger the enemy
I’m from Memphis, south west part of Tennessee

Woah, n**gas be killin’ me
Uh, h*es, they don’t be fittin’ me
Uh, opps thinkin’ ’bout killin’ me
Heard a n**ga say rob me
They said, it’s fiction, hickory d**kory
Uh, first 48, it’s the misery
Choppa hit a n**ga, rotisserie
If they ain’t got a black n**ga in the school book
N**ga, that s**t really ain’t history

I heard the opps say they sick of me
Uh, well, they’ll have to get rid of me
F**kin’ a ho, she never gave a kiss to me
Pass to the bro and they gon’ have a ..
Strapped with that 30, come in, take a pill or three
Bloc J the hood, now everybody deal with me

I said, Bloc J the hood
Now everybody deal with me
You, you, you and you
Gotta deal with me
Big JB
Grape Street, big Loc
Ridin’ ’round with that big 5
Know the feds, they pissed off, yeah
Big 44
Big, big, big Loc
Big Loc

➤ Written by ClassicBeats3000 & BlocBoy JB
Produced by ClassicBeats3000
BlocBoy JB | 2020

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