BlakkBoyz, JID, Lil Yachty – Van Gogh Lyrics | Video

Lyrics Van Gogh – BlakkBoyz, JID, Lil Yachty

Uh, yeah, yeah, uh, wow
Yeah, yeah, you know what I’m sayin’
It’s Lil Boat and J.I.D as far as your eye can see
You know what I’m sayin’, it’s water on me
And you feel me, you get that, you got that
Is that understood
Good, good, you got that
I’ma ask you one more time, you got that
You got that, good

I’m sick of these n**gas, I’m sick of h0es
Got a bone to pick with you, I’m pickin’ a bone
The hardest thing for me is stayin’ composed
‘Cause killin’ sh!t is really all that I know
Funeral goes, casket closed
The choir sings, the pastor goes
Women cryin’ in the rafters
Turn your baby to a bastard
Free my n**ga ’til it’s backwards
Sh!t, come here, ‘lil b!tch
Let me show you a magic trick

I got the gun in my lap near the abdomen
I took a break, but they want me to rap again
Bro just got out and he already trap again, back at his craft again
New Chanel, tote that sh!t, sit like a daffodil
Bankroll thick, the same size as a movie reel
Tell me who keep it real, n**gas be flauntin’
Fantasizin’ my b!tch, she look like Taraji
Take me out my body inside the safari
Couldn’t dent the Ferrari, sh!t feel like a coffin
I use the codeine without coughin’, I sleep without tossin’
She call me daddy ’cause I’m bossin’
I had a show in two cities, call me Dallas, Austin
When I talk, I’m flossin’
The gang bang red B’s like Boston, hmm, huh
Everybody think a n**ga lost it
Pop out the cuts, n**ga, burn you like pollen
D!ck up in the gut, make her feel it, Phil Collins
I don’t read columns, n**gas be hatin’

Pull out the pistol, they whippin’ them naked
They chillin’ outside of your whip and they waitin’
They’ll wait on a witness with nothin’ to say
I’m from Atlanta, the diamonds are Africa
I don’t know algebra
I been the mouth of the South, not a traveler
Give her the d!ck with a curve, a parabola
I’m a spatula, I flip it, amateur, a Pamela, Angela
Palm Angels with a choker or strangler
Banger hangin’ in my dang-a-lang
Lingering, peepin’ out the scheme of things
If you got a problem, then I’ll red the sea
I’m a lil’ n**ga, you ain’t scared of me
Trill said he’d kill a n**ga dead for me
But when he get out, I’ll be seventy-three
Tell me, Go to Hell, I’ll be waitin’ to see you there

Lookin’ for me, and I know I be in there
Plottin’ on it, tryna be a billionaire
Snuck it in, that’s how we got the P in here
Uh, come on
I’m gettin’ top with the coat on
Doin’ so many donuts
The smoke fog up the ozone
Lookin’ like Frozone
Told her to keep to all her clothes on
I just want mouth, she just want Venmo
She let me score in the endzone
I put that ho in the friendzone
We put that ho in the friendzone
But she came over rockin’ Kenzo
B!tch, I don’t f**k with no Kenzo

Double, see me in the bando
Took her to church like I’m Chano
Don’t change the channel, I go commando
I might just f**k on a fat ho
This sh!t art, Van Gogh…

➤ Written by JID, Lil Yachty, Cardo, Kay9, DJ Paul & Juicy J
Produced by Cardo
BlakkBoyz | 2023

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