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Lyrics HAHAH – Bladee

Why do you say that all the time
I’m like, ‘Cause..
‘Cause it is crazy

I’m crazy, I’m crazy
I’m crazy, I’m crazy, I’m crazy, I’m crazy
I’m crazy, I’m crazy..④

Baby, can’t you see I’m messed up
These dirty boys really next up
In this life, I’m an extra
King nothing, I’m not special
Street sweep with the Pradas on my feet
Free, free, free, free, free from disease
Three threes, holy father, son, and me
Pretty please, baby, don’t bother me

Had to learn the art of keeping my head up
If I never ate the night, I’d be fed up
I be bleeding really bad for the fashion
I’m too deep in disguise

Got a mask on my mask and it’s messing with my life
We look down ’cause we’re stood up on a height
We just barely got away, but it was tight
Crawling through the tunnels in my mind

Man, I’m stuck up in this state
And I’m trying not to let them seal my faith
And we’re one plus from the eight
Anyone else would be burnt out at this rate
But I’m doing great

I’m doing great
I’m doing great
I’m doing great
I’m doing great..④…

➤ Written by Bladee
Album: Spiderr
Produced by Whitearmor
Bladee | 2022

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