Bit Pythagoras – Catamaran (Music Audio)

Bit PythagorasCatamaran (Music Audio 2016)

 The year was 1936 — it was the height of the great depression. The Bearded Man was a plucky young buck, with plenty of grit and more than his fair share of gumption. Sure, times were tough, but none of that mattered when you were the finest grifter on the east side. In a play that would be talked about for generations, our hero prepared himself for the con of the century. A makeshift catamaran casino was set to leave the port at 8:30 P.M. sharp, and all the high rollers would be there. He’d scored himself a pretty decent suit after a small pickpocketing job the week before, and he was told from the barber that despite his upbringing, he cleaned up real good. Together with Bit Pythagoras, the team plotted to overtake Boss Hendricks, one of the meanest mugs in all of organized crime. All the biggest pimps were there, from two-gun Tommy Johnson to Fatass McGee. The Bearded Man sat down at the cards table, with a $100,000 minimum buy-in. The dealer dealt the first hand… The tension was palpable. At that moment, The Bearded Man yelled “FIRE!”, and when everyone got up to the deck, our crew simply pushed all the bad guys overboard, took the money, and sailed away in the catamaran. It was surprisingly easy and not dramatic at all. Hey! No one said it was a smart plan, or even a clever one, but damnit, it worked!

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